Friday, January 13, 2017

Year-End Special: Twenty One Pilots – Year Of 2016

I've pretty much already discussed 2016 as far as music goes in general in both my Year In Review post as well as my Top 45 of 2016. But how did the year go with Hits 1's music? Like pretty much every music station, they have counted down their top songs of the year Weekend Countdown style having their 45 biggest songs of 2016 based off of airplay. I do find some of these rankings to be a little odd and out of place. But it's Hits 1 and their year-end list is never anything remotely similar to the Billboard Hot 100 year-end list or even the American Top 40 year-end list. They have their own way of running the countdown every year even if their rankings don't match up with what were actually the biggest songs of the year. For example, Drake/WizKid/Kyla – One Dance was easily one of the biggest songs of the year landing at #3 on Billboard's Year-End Hot 100. But due to weak performance on Hits 1, that song does not appear on this list. I understand that it's their countdown and they can kind of do whatever they want. But when they say they play the 45 biggest songs in North America, most people are kind of expecting some of the biggest songs.

So now I'm going to go through their year-end countdown and talk about their choices. Every week, I usually do a Top 20 Review towards the end of the post where every song in the Top 20 gets placed in one of six ranks. But for this list, I'm going to do a Top 45 Review where each of these songs will be ranked in one of the following areas:

  • Crap (0 Points)
  • Bad (1 Point)
  • Mediocre (2 Points)
  • Decent (3 Points)
  • Good (4 Points)
  • Great (5 Points)

So it's kind of like a typical Top 20 Review, except with all 45 songs just to see how Hits 1 was this past year percentage wise. The total will come out to be out of 225, which I will then convert so that it can be out of 100. Each rank will also be coordinated with a different color. It will follow my usual color-code for the most part, but there will be some minor changes so that every rank has a different color. So here are the colors for each of the six ranks.

  • Crap: Red
  • Bad: Turquoise
  • Mediocre: Yellow
  • Decent: Pink
  • Good: Blue
  • Great: Green

Purple and orange will remain as the best and worst songs, respectively. So with that, I think we're ready to dive into the list. Note that the parenthetical number for each song indicates where the song peaked on the countdown. For once, every song on this list actually peaked in the Top 10. I will note how many weeks every #1 song spent at the top. Now before we get to this year's Fresh 45, here are last year's Top 5 songs.

5. Taylor Swift – Style
4. Andy Grammer – Honey, I'm Good
3. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud
2. Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk
1. Walk The Moon – Shut Up and Dance

Now without further ado, here are the Top 45 Songs of 2016 according to SiriusXM Hits 1!

45. Shawn Mendes – Stitches (#1; 3 Weeks in 2015) [4; Good]
I'm actually a little surprised that this song actually made in into the Top 45 of 2016. It was obviously one of the biggest songs in 2015. That was kind of when Shawn Mendes became the world's new heartthrob. I really did enjoy this song back in 2015 until it got heavily overplayed. However, I did grow back into it after a while of not hearing it. Shawn Mendes' vocals are on point and I like the instrumentation. However, I don't think this song really fits in the Top 45 of 2016 as much as it did in 2015. I understand that it's #23 on the Billboard Hot 100 of 2016. But this song just feels more 2015 to me. It feels out of place being here in 2016.

44. Coldplay/Beyoncé – Hymn For The Weekend (#4) [5; Great]
This song managed to squeeze into this year-end list thanks to the numerous weeks in the Top 10 and the peak at #4. I've already discussed it in my Top 45 of 2016, where this song ranked as my #1 favorite song of the year. Like I said, I'm sure most of you knew it was coming. My New Years Resolution for 2017 should be to not make my favorite song of the year so obvious. Even though Hits 1 played the SeeB remix of the song, I did thoroughly enjoy that version as well even if it did take a few listens to grow on me. Hymn For The Weekend did very well on Hits 1 and I'm happy about that. It debuted at #17, one of the highest debuts of the year, and it's actually still going pretty well in the mid-area of the countdown between #'s 20 and 30. It's an excellent song and I'm glad it made this list.

43. The Chainsmokers/Rozes – Roses (#7) [5; Great]
Easily one of the best EDM songs of the year and my personal favorite from The Chainsmokers. Roses does have questionable lyrical content. But the production on this track is amazing. I love the build-up and the drop is just so much fun. I love the way they layered Rozes' voice with the drop and while her voice may not be that amazing throughout the song, it makes a great addition to the drop. It's nice to see these dudes come back around with a song that is very much superior to 2014's #SELFIE. Roses is for sure one of the best songs of the year and my #13 on my Top 45 of 2016.

42. Shawn Mendes/Camila Cabello – I Know What You Did Last Summer (#9) [5; Great]
Not long after Stitches became this massive hit, Shawn Mendes teamed up with former Fifth Harmony member, Camila Cabello, and I swear for a while there was something going on between those two. I Know What You Did Last Summer managed to make it on to my Top 45 of 2016 landing at #40. Frankly, it's a really good song. The instrumentals are very good and I love the harmonies between Mendes and Cabello. Their voices blend very nicely together. Overall, it's an enjoyable tune. I've seen them perform it live and they do it very well.

41. Selena Gomez – Same Old Love (#3) [0; Crap]
This year was the year where Selena Gomez's album, Revival, was hitting us pretty hard with these unimpressive and uninteresting singles, Same Old Love being one of them. Sure, I enjoyed this song at first. But it did not take long for me to realize how annoying this song actually is. It sounds as though she's screaming in the chorus and the song really doesn't go anywhere. The way it starts is pretty much the way it goes for the entire song. There's nothing to really jump out at you. And it jumping to #3 on the countdown certainly did not help. I've enjoyed a lot of Selena Gomez's previous music. Love You Like A Love Song back when she was with The Scene was a very enjoyable and catchy tune. Even the singles from Stars Dance were pretty fun and enjoyable. But Revival is probably her worst album to date. Here's to hoping her next album is better.

40. Ariana Grande – Into You (#5) [3; Decent]
Out of the three singles Ariana Grande has released this past year, Into You, lands in the middle. When it first came around, I really enjoyed it and I wanted to see it take over in place of Dangerous Woman. Into You, without a doubt, is a catchy song. The verses are good, I really like the build-up, and the chorus is a lot of fun. However, it is still kind of in the midst of being overplayed. It finally started to drop on the countdown a little bit with Side To Side taking its place. But I have to give this song some more time until it can fully grow back on me. It was pretty successful though peaking in the Top 5. So it was a good year for Ariana Grande.

39. Justin Bieber – Love Yourself (#5) [5; Great]
This song was actually ranked as Billboard's #1 Song of 2016 on the Hot 100, yet it is #39 here. However, I did certainly appreciate Hits 1 giving this song some love as it peaked at #5. Being co-written between Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran as well as actually featuring some backup vocals from Ed Sheeran, it was pretty much destined to become a hit. I can definitely understand why one may consider Love Yourself to be boring. I find it really interesting. We haven't gotten very many (if any) slower songs from Justin Bieber. I really like his vocal performance as well as the production. This song really only contains two instruments, but manages to still grab my attention as well as the attention of everyone else that helped make this song the biggest song of the year (according to Billboard). This was my #6 pick of 2016

38. James Bay – Let It Go (#5) [5; Great]
I did discuss this song in full detail on my Top 45 of 2016 post as this was my #12 pick of the year. Similar to Love Yourself, it makes sense as to why someone may consider this song boring. Hits 1 was aware of that and decided to play some remix of this song. I really liked the original version, but the remix is good too. I found this song mediocre at first. But after more and more listens, it became better and better. James Bay has a very unique voice. I love the instrumentation on this track. The only thing about this song I don't really like are the live performances, which really don't affect the song that much anyway.

37. Taylor Swift – Out Of The Woods (#7) [5; Great]
I'm shocked that this was not a #1 song. This wasn't even a Top 5 song, making it the one and only single off of 1989 to not hit the Top 5. But despite that, it's still one of the best songs off that album. I loved it back in 2014 when it was released as a promotional single and I loved it this past year when it was an official single. I love the beginning and the chorus is a whole lot of fun. I just wish this song was more successful. I find this song to be better than both Style and Wildest Dreams. But I'm guessing that by this point, people were already tired of Taylor Swift and 1989 dominating the charts. But I do think this song deserved a little more outside of Hits 1.

36. 5 Seconds Of Summer – Girls Talk Boys (#10) [0; Crap]
I was being very nice by putting this blue when it debuted considering it to be okay. However, it was a massive space filler. Now look where it is. It's still on the countdown. I honestly don't know how this song made it over Jet Black Heart, which was very successful on Hits 1. If you ask me, that was a fail on Hits 1's part. Jet Black Heart was much better and we all know it. Girls Talk Boys is just mediocre and extremely underwhelming, especially in comparison to their more superior song also from this year. The vocals are okay, but the production is just boring. There's nothing amazing about this song and Hits 1 holding on to it for a very long time made matters worse. This song wasn't even a worldwide hit, yet Hits 1 held on to it probably because, duh, it's 5 Seconds of Summer and they have massive crushes on these guys. I mean, I don't blame them. But this isn't something that should be hanging around on a chart containing the biggest songs in North America. Let's try to avoid this in 2017, Hits 1.

35. Troye Sivan – Youth (#4) [5; Great]
I felt very proud when I saw this song debut because Troye Sivan is someone who I've been following long before he started releasing music and became famous. He's a YouTuber and I've enjoyed watching his videos. When he started releasing music, he released EPs with singles like Happy Little Pill and Wild, two songs I really enjoyed. Then came Youth, which became a pretty big hit and peaked in the Top 5 here on Hits 1. It was certainly an enjoyable tune. I really like the vocals and the lyrical content. Troye Sivan is definitely a talented individual that deserves recognition for his music. After Youth was this massive hit, he re-released Wild as a duet with Alessia Cara, another artist that became very successful this past year. Unfortunately that song did not make it past Hit-Bound. But I think Youth was enough to get Troye Sivan's name out there.

34. Charlie Puth – One Call Away (#1, 2 Weeks) [0; Crap]
Of course after See You Again by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth was a massive hit, Charlie Puth decided to take advantage of still being known and started releasing some solo music. I'll admit that I enjoyed Marvin Gaye as much as I despise Meghan Trainor. It wasn't an awful song. Now I really don't enjoy as much as before, but I still don't hate. One Call Away, however, is a different story. This song is BORING! My dad actually liked this song when it was still relatively new and I had to explain why I did not like it. This song is just bland and generic all over. It has nothing to it. It's really slow and Charlie Puth doesn't really show off what his voice can do. The fact that this was actually a #1 song is pretty damn disappointing. I see nothing about this song that is #1 quality. It's a very overrated song. I feel as though without See You Again, this song would be nothing. As of right now I have mixed feelings on Charlie Puth and his music. He needs to step up his game and stop producing these slow songs. Continuing to make these slow, boring songs is going to do absolutely nothing except give me more music to rant about.

33. Demi Lovato – Confident (#1, 1 Week) [4; Good]
I actually completely forgot about this song when forming my Top 45 of 2016. I would've definitely put it as an honorable mention. The beginning is a little dramatic, but is pretty cool at the same time. The lyrical content is kind of what stands out the most in this song. The vocals are good. I usually do like Demi Lovato's music. This was really overplayed and I haven't fully come back around to it yet. But I'm getting there. For now, I consider it good. I'm surprised this song was actually a #1 hit compared to her other music. I mean, it's a good song. But it's no Heart Attack or Cool For The Summer.

32. Rachel Platten – Stand By You (#2) [5; Great]
Self-empowerment is what Rachel Platten is all about. Fight Song was one of the most motivational and inspiring anthems of 2015 that I did not think would become a hit. That song landed at #32 on Hits 1's Top 45 of 2015. So for the second year in a row, Rachel Platten has the 32nd biggest song of the year. Stand By You was certainly the more successful one despite not doing so hot on the countdown at first. But soon enough it continued rising all the way up to #2, right behind the boring and mediocre One Call Away by Charlie Puth (see #34). I love the way the song starts. Rachel Platten's voice is just beautiful during the first verse. Then we reach that powerhouse chorus. I absolutely love the lyrical content. It's a very motivational song that I'm glad was successful. It was my #14 song on my Top 45 of 2016

31. The Weeknd – In The Night (#5) [2; Mediocre]
This song was very easily forgotten by me. I enjoyed it at first, but I got sick of it rather quickly like I did with Can't Feel My Face. Now In The Night remains as a mediocre song. I really don't think it fits The Weeknd's style. I much prefer songs like The Hills, which for whatever reason flopped on Hits 1, kind of like One Dance by Drake. In The Night is just not that interesting of a song in my opinion. Sure, the chorus is kind of catchy. But the rest of it seems very mediocre to me. And I like The Weeknd. I think he's very talented. I just don't think this song fits his style. On top of that, this song was very overplayed by Hits 1, which made get sick of it even faster and soon enough I was pretty much begging for it to leave. We'll see if anything from his newest album follows the same path as In The Night.

30. One Direction – Drag Me Down (#1, 1 Week in 2015) [3; Decent]
I honestly don't know why this song had to show up again for the second year in a row, especially about some actual big hits of 2016. This song was honestly so 2015 that I don't know if I really have to waste time reviewing. It was good. It got really overplayed and I still have yet to fully grow back into it. I really don't have anything else to say because I feel like this song shouldn't have been here in the first place.

29. Adele – Send My Love (To Your New Lover) (#1, 1 Week) [1; Bad]
When this song came around, I was beyond sick of Hello and When We Were Young. I remember she had premiered the music video for this song on some music award song and I actually enjoyed it. It debuted on the countdown, got overrated, hit #1, and soon enough I got really sick of it. Now I just think the song is boring. It isn't awful, but it really isn't that interesting either. Obviously, it has good lyrical content because Adele is a great writer. But the production on this track really isn't exciting at all. It only has a few instruments and it's just not that much of an attention grabber. But I'll certainly take this song over something like When We Were Young.

28. One Direction – History (#2) [4; Good]
This song really wasn't successful at all outside of Hits 1. But it's a One Direction song and we all know that anything by One Direction has to be overrated on Hits 1, despite its popularity outside of Hits 1. History is one of the those songs that you wonder why it was even on the countdown in the first place. I did enjoy this song at first, then I got sick of it, then I actually grew back into it while it was still on the countdown. I helped that I wasn't hearing this song get overplayed anywhere else because Hits 1 was the only station playing that song. I'm glad it didn't hit #1 because it is not #1-worthy. The vocals are good, but the instrumentation and production is a little underwhelming. Overall, it's a good song. It's just not anything amazing.

27. Meghan Trainor – No (#3) [0; Crap]
I think I'm about to lose my mind. Can Meghan Trainor just go away forever? Please??? This song is just unbearable. Yes, I did find it catchy at first. But now it's just absolutely awful. No has some of the worst lyrics of the year. "My name is no. My sign is no. My number is no. You need to let it go." It's basically saying that every guy that walks up to you is some pervert and you should say no to him before he even says anything. Sure, that may be true some of the time. But that's not the way the world works. How are you supposed to get into a committed relationship if you shut out every guy that tries to talk to you? It doesn't work. The production on this track is very lame and uninteresting. The chorus is really stupid like I've already mentioned. I'm honestly just done with Meghan Trainor. I was hoping that after the atrocious mess that was All About That Bass, she would somewhat redeem herself with a better album. Unfortunately that did not happen and I don't see it happening ever. So I'd really appreciate if Meghan Trainor just stopped here, because her music is going absolutely nowhere.

26. X Ambassadors – Unsteady (#6) [0; Crap]
I really did not want to hate this song. I tried my best to avoid hating this song because I liked it at first. But Hits 1 continuously letting it jump into the Top 20 after already having spent several months on the countdown just made it harder and harder until I just couldn't take it anymore. I can probably still listen to the Erich Lee Gravity remix from the movie Me Before You and still enjoy it because I love the production on that remix. But the original version is just so damn boring. And this is coming from someone that put their previous hit, Renegades, as my #3 song of 2015. That song was amazing. But unfortunately, Unsteady is a different story. It has spent way too much time on this countdown for a song that hasn't even hit the Top 5. At this point it's a possibility this song will last a full year on the countdown, which will be absolutely absurd. I do like the lyrics and the message behind the song. But the vocals are getting pretty annoying and I'm just tired of hearing that beat. I don't know why Hits 1 is still holding on to this song, but it is pissing me off because Renegades is a much better song. Unsteady has just gotten itself to boring on the same level as One Call Away, if not worse.

25. The Chainsmokers/Halsey – Closer (#1, 8 Weeks) [5; Great]
I'm sure many are considering this to be the most overrated and overplayed song of 2016 having spent over ten weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and eight weeks at the top on the Weekend Countdown. But I actually still really enjoy this song. Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers actually takes on some vocals here, which is a first for this duo, and he actually has a decent voice. Halsey sounds great on this song and I love hearing them both sing the chorus together. Their voices blend very nicely. I'll admit that the drop isn't too exciting. But I love the last build-up that leads into the final drop. I think both parts are parts that really show off Halsey's voice and they show how talented she is. Overall, it's still a fun song despite it being overrated.

24. Lukas Graham – 7 Years (#5) [5; Great]
I didn't really care for this song at first. It just sounded like some song by a group with an annoying singer. But then I started to really listen to the song and I really enjoyed the story behind it. It is a fantastic song as far as the writing and lyrical content goes. The groups frontman, Lukas Forchhammer, may not be the best singer ever. But I think his voice works well with this song unlike some of their other songs. *cough* Mama Said *cough*. This song is basically the story of getting older and as he reaches his vocal climax at the "Soon I'll be sixty years old...." it sounds really good because it's that moment we've been waiting for. It fits perfectly with 7 Years. But for the best thing about this song, it is definitely the lyrics. I'm so glad that this song was the hit and Mama Said was the flop because that song was just not good at all.

23. Justin Bieber – Sorry (#2) [5; Great]
As someone that has pretty much always been a fan of Justin Bieber, I was very impressed with this song. What Do You Mean was okay. I didn't think it was that amazing of a comeback single. But the moment Sorry was released, I was in love. The tropical vibe, great vocals from Bieber, and fun and irresistible drop is enough to make a fantastic song. And I really like seeing the people that say they used to hate Bieber, but now they love Sorry. They're coming around to him and he is improving with his music. He is certainly maturing. But this song is honestly just fantastic from beginning to end. It was very well produced (I'll thank Skrillex for that). The vocals are amazing and even lyrics are really good too. I was glad to see this song do well on the Weekend Countdown. I just wish it would've hit #1 even for just one week. It was definitely deserving of that. But I guess #2 is still really good.

22. Fifth Harmony – Work From Home (#5) [1; Bad]
Now I have had a lot of different opinions on this song. When I first listened to it, I really didn't like it that much. But soon I came around to it and I thought it was catchy. But then it got overplayed and at the same time I was looking more into the song. So it wasn't long until I started to hate it. Obviously this is a sex song and work from home is a metaphor for sex. Now it's blatantly obvious. The production is pretty lazy on this track, which is the reason why I didn't like this song at first. I thought it was boring in comparison to Worth It from last year. The vocals aren't that great either. And thanks to this song and Work by Rihanna, "work" is officially the most overused word of 2016 and while Work From Home may have been the less annoying song, it is certainly the worst track these girls have released so far. 7/27 is not a bad album, but Work From Home was just not a good choice for the lead single. Here's to hoping this song can be done forever.

21. Twenty One Pilots – Heathens (#1, 1 Week) [4; Good]
I'm a little surprised this song ranked higher than Closer. Both songs were at the top of the countdown around the same time and with Closer being the 8-time #1 song, you'd think it'd be ranked higher than the 1-time #1 song. But according to Hits 1 logic, that's not how any of this works. According to Hits 1, Twenty One Pilots rank above anyone, even if they weren't as successful. That's why they have 3 songs on this list, 2 of which were #1 songs. I did talk a lot about Heathens when it first debuted and how I thought it was a much different song than what they have previously put out. Then I ranted about their obnoxious fanbase. But aside from that, Heathens is definitely still a good song and it has lasted with me a lot longer than their other hits from this year. I love the writing behind the song and I think production and instrumentation are really cool too. Only reason I consider it to be "good" and not "great" is because it has gotten a little overplayed on Hits 1, which is not surprising at all.

20. P!nk – Just Like Fire (#2) [5; Great]
As soon as this song was released, I was in love with it. The cool verses and amazing chorus call for a fantastic song. I have heard people who think otherwise. I did watch TheDoubleAgent's Top 10 (or really Top 16) worst hit songs of 2016 video where he put Just Like Fire at #13. I guess I can understand why people may dislike this song because it's nothing like what P!nk used to release. But me personally, I still think it's a really cool song. Maybe I haven't really listened to that much P!nk as some of the first few songs I really remember from my childhood was Raise Your Glass (which even as a child I admitted was heavily overplayed) and probably So What. So I can understand if those who were fans of P!nk from the very start are a little disappointed with this single. But I was happy enough with this song and I loved it to the point where I ranked it at #5 for my Top 45 of 2016. It was successful on Hits 1. I would've loved to see a week at #1, but #2 is good enough.

19. Selena Gomez – Hands To Myself (#3) [0; Crap]
Ugh. More Selena Gomez. Hands To Myself is easily her worst song this year and probably the worst song she has ever released. I can't stand the whispering the verses. No, that is not cool. No, that is not trendy. And no, that is not sexy. Honestly, who can actually listen to the verses of this song and think she sounds sexy the way she's whispering. And because of that, I can't understand what she's saying. I just want to yell at her to speak up. And even in the chorus, where she's actually singing, she does not sound that good. The production is really lame and the lyrics are pretty dumb too. I don't think anyone cares that she can't keep her hands to herself. Sounds like her problem if you ask me. With the production, I guess the drop is kind of catchy, but as soon as her voice comes in whispering again "Can't keep my hands to myself", the song immediately becomes a turn-off once again. And like I said earlier, Selena Gomez is talented and I'm hoping her next album will be a lot better than Revival, because in my opinion, that album was a pretty big mess. Hopefully we will not get another Hands To Myself.

18. Calvin Harris/Rihanna – This Is What You Came For (#4) [0; Crap]
If I were some superstar DJ like Skrillex, Avicii, Tiësto, etc. and I saw this song as one of the best songs of the year in EDM, I would be pretty damn pissed. This Is What You Came For is an embarrassment to the electronic/dance genre. A full-on embarrassment. Rihanna was already having a pretty shitty year with Work, and then this song comes along to make her look even worse in my eyes. When I first listened to this song, I thought the chorus and build-up were somewhat enjoyable. But if you really enjoy the build-up, you will be extremely disappointed with the drop because it is the most generic, uninteresting, and underwhelming drop I have ever heard. Calvin Harris, as someone who put Blame featuring John Newman as my #1 song of 2014, I am really disappointed that this is the best you could do. To say this song is extremely mediocre would be an understatement. This song is shit. And just to make the drop even worse, we bring in Rihanna constantly repeating the word "you". Words cannot explain how annoying that is. This song is nothing compared to 2011's We Found Love and the fact that people actually think This Is What You Came For is the superior song just annoys me. Can we get Calvin Harris to make more songs like Summer? Otherwise, I'll happily join the "Calvin Harris is a sellout" club.

17. Fall Out Boy/Demi Lovato – Irresistible (#3) [5; Great]
This one I don't think I need to talk too much about. Like I said in my Top 45 of 2016 post, where I placed this song at #8, this is my favorite single Fall Out Boy has released from American Beauty/American Psycho. The instrumentals on this song are fantastic. Patrick Stump sounds really good on vocals and the addition of Demi Lovato's voice only makes it more interesting (or should I say more "irresistible"). The production on this track was very well done and it is a cool song. And even after it peaked at #3 and spent a very long time on the countdown (because it's Fall Out Boy), somehow I never got sick of it. It's shocking even to me. But there are those songs every now and then that come and just stick. Irresistible is one of those songs.

16. Zayn Malik – Pillowtalk (#2) [2; Mediocre]
This one I actually really liked at first. I thought Zayn sounded very good all throughout. But with time, more listens, and of course overplay, it didn't take long for me to get really sick of this song. Looking back on it, even after not hearing it for such a long time, it's not that amazing of a song anymore. Zayn is certainly a talented singer, but Pillowtalk really isn't the type of song to stick with you for a long period of time. And it was not until just recently when I was talking with my friends about this song that I realized what pillowtalk actually meant. It is of course another song that has to do with sex. And of course with Zayn also being involved in the soundtrack for a Fifty Shades of Grey sequel, I don't think we'll be getting songs about anything different for a little while. Overall, Pillowtalk just doesn't have that "stick" factor that makes you want to listen to this again. The lyrical content is not that interesting and it's just a song that's easy to get sick of.

15. Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman (#5) [1; Bad]
Quite a few critics are considering this to be one of the best songs of 2016. But I feel like this is another song that is very easy to get sick of. Really the only thing that made this song worse than Pillowtalk is that this one was: 1) more overplayed and 2) more recent. Don't get me wrong, Ariana Grande is a great singer. She has one of the vocal ranges out of all the artists we have today. But where this song is weak is the production. It's a little slow, especially in the chorus, and I really don't find that appealing. But the production overall is just not that interesting. Into You I can definitely see myself enjoying again within the next few months. But it may take a hell of a long time for me to enjoy Dangerous Woman again, if ever.

14. Mike Posner/SeeB – I Took A Pill In Ibiza (#1, 2 Weeks) [5; Great]
It is definitely a pretty big deal to grab the #2 slot for the Top 45 of 2016. I talked a lot about this song and its meaning in my Top 45 of 2016 post. So feel free to check that out if you haven't already. I Took a Pill In Ibiza is easily the best #1 song we've had all year. We have great lyrical content. While SeeB remixing the song made it more fun and all, it also really added that emotion that was missing from the original version, hence why I like the remix much more than the original. Mike Posner's vocals were on point from beginning to end. Overall, it is a fantastic song. Easily one of the best songs this year landing at #2 in my Top 45 of 2016. And like I said, feel free to check out that post for a full explanation on why I love this song. But it was nice to see this song at #1 for both weeks.

13. Shawn Mendes – Treat You Better (#1, 2 Weeks) [3; Decent]
This is definitely one of the most hated songs of the year and I completely understand why. This definitely isn't as good as both of the other songs on this list as well as his early somewhat hits (Life Of The Party and Something Big). I'll admit that the lyrical content is not that amazing, nor is the production. I've said it before, but I think this song is a lot more radio-friendly as opposed to Stitches. Stitches had much better instrumentation with the song while Treat You Better was a little weak with that. The vocals are still good on this track, but it doesn't feel that much like Shawn Mendes. So it's kind of in the middle right now. I don't hate it, but I don't love it. Shawn Mendes can definitely do better.

12. Adele – Hello (#1; 12 Weeks Total, 5 in 2016) [5; Great]
The first single from Adele's 25 still remains as the best single so far. After the first listen, I knew this would become a massive hit. The verse flows calmly. But then when the chorus hits you, it is just fantastic. Adele has always had an amazing voice and this song is a perfect example of how. I was just blown away the first time I listened to this song. It hit #1 on the Weekend Countdown on its third week going from #14 to #3 to #1, which is a new Hits 1 record originally held by Katy Perry – Roar at four weeks (#17 to #9 to #3 to #1). Hello also tied the record for most weeks at #1 at 12 weeks. It's tied with Taylor Swift – Shake It Off and Walk The Moon – Shut Up and Dance. I'm sure this could've been higher on this list had it not became a huge hit so late in 2015. Out of its 12 weeks at the top, it spent 7 there in 2015. So that kind of affected the song's overall performance in 2016. But overall, it is a fantastic song and while I did get sick of it with overplay, I have grown back on it and I love it once again.

11. Taylor Swift – New Romantics (#1, 2 Weeks) [5; Great]
Surprisingly and unsurprisingly, this was definitely a huge hit here on Hits 1 this past year. It's surprising because it really wasn't a hit outside of Hits 1. But it's also not surprising because it's Hits 1 and they don't bother hiding their love for Taylor Swift. New Romantics is one of the singles that I actually never got sick of. Singles like Shake It Off, Style, and Wildest Dreams it did not take long for me to get sick of and I'm still pretty tired of them. But Blank Space, Bad Blood, Out Of The Woods, and New Romantics are the singles that I just love and have never gotten sick of. It is a fantastic song and shame on whoever made this not as big of it outside of Hits 1. But I get it. By this point, people were really tired of her, hence why Out Of The Woods and New Romantics didn't do as well as the five singles that came before them. But the production on here is great and I love the vocals. Of course, this was the final single off of 1989 and it's probably the one that lasted the longest since there was nothing by her coming afterwards. But it is definitely one of the best singles off of 1989.

10. Daya – Sit Still, Look Pretty (#2) [1; Bad]
I really did not see this song as being something successful when it first debuted on the countdown. The reason is because Don't Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers featuring Daya was becoming a hit around the same time and I figured that would be the massive hit while Sit Still, Look Pretty is kind of just there. I was clearly wrong. The fact that this song actually peaked at #2 on the Weekend Countdown is just shocking to me. I was shocked enough to see this as Top 10 hit. I did enjoy this at first, but I did get sick of it relatively quickly. And because of it spending so much time in the Top 10 after I got sick of it, it only made things worse. It may grow back on me with time, probably not. But at this very moment, I'm not enjoying it.

9. Panic! At The Disco – Victorious (#1, 1 Week) [3; Decent]
This song had a very interesting countdown run as it was actually more successful during its second run. When songs re-enter, very rarely do they ever hit new peaks. This one did that and went beyond as well by actually hitting #1 during its second run. It lasted a lot longer too because of that. I enjoyed it much more during its first run while it was new. But I did enjoy it for quite a while into its second run. But I think it was when this song hit #1 that I started to get just a teeny bit sick of it. It is a cool song though. It's definitely a loud song, but it's a whole lot of fun. The instrumentation is really good and Brendon Urie sounds great on vocals. The only thing that had a negative impact on this song's score was the fact that I'm still kind of sick of it.

8. Sia/Sean Paul – Cheap Thrills (#2) [1; Bad]
Although this song never hit #1, it certainly spent an annoyingly long period of time in the Top 10. While some may consider this the song of the summer, I can easily say it's the most overplayed the song of the summer. There was a time where every time I turned the radio on, this song was on. Now I get why she says, "C'mon c'mon turn the radio on." She's saying that so you can hear her freakin' song. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Sia. She is a fantastic singer and an incredible songwriter. But Cheap Thrills comes nowhere near her best work. It was pretty much destined for radio since it was released and sure enough, it was a huge hit. But this is no Chandelier or even Elastic Heart. Radio easily killed this song and it may be a while until I grow back into it if that ever even happens. But seriously, this song was undeniably overrated.

7. The Chainsmokers/Daya – Don't Let Me Down (#1, 3 Weeks) [2; Mediocre]
After Roses was a huge hit, it was no brainer that Don't Let Me Down would also become a hit and possibly go above and beyond. I believe this song debuted in the Top 20, so that was a reasonably big indicator that this song was gonna become big. And I certainly enjoyed it for quite a while. It may not have been as good as Roses in my opinion, but it was still a great song as the production was still good and I loved Daya's voice. But this song hit #1 a lot later than it should've. I would've had no problem with Don't Let Me Down as a #1 hit if it hadn't reached the top spot so late in the game. Of course it's still on the countdown and by now I'm pretty damn sick of it. I do have to admit, it is my least favorite of the three big hits The Chainsmokers had this year. But Don't Let Me Down was certainly an enjoyable tune when it first came out. So I give them that.

6. One Direction – Perfect (#1, 2 Weeks) [5; Great]
Hooray! We finally have a green song in the Top 10. From the very first listen, I knew that this song had to be single. It was just fantastic. I felt like it surpassed Drag Me Down and sure enough, it did do just as well if not better on the countdown. One thing is that it did spend two weeks at the top where Drag Me Down only spent one. But as far as song quality goes, I feel as though Perfect is in fact better than Drag Me Down. It is the best single off of Made In The A.M.. Very unfortunate that this song did poorly on the Billboard Hot 100 to the point where it just barely made the year-end list landing smack-dab at #100. I felt their album was rather underrated outside of Hits 1. But within Hits 1, my goodness were their songs overplayed. Yes, I did end up despising Perfect long before it left. But after a long time of not hearing this song, I've really grown back into it and I do enjoy it once again, hence why it made my Top 45 of 2016 at #38 or somewhere around there. It's a really good song that kind of shows how One Direction have matured over the years ever since What Makes You Beautiful. Kind of like how Justin Bieber has matured, these guys have done it as well. Here's to hoping their hiatus will end soon and we can get some more music from them because I am curious to see what they will do next.

5. Twenty One Pilots – Ride (#2) [0; Crap]
I feel very alone with this opinion, but I don't really care because I just don't like this song. And it's not like Stressed Out where I got sick of it then hated it. I never liked this song. Not even for a second. And it's one of those songs where I can't really explain why. Those kinds of songs rarely come around, but Ride is one of them. The beginning really doesn't grab my attention and I really don't like the vocal work. That's all I can really say. So if you're a huge fan of this song and you want a legitimate explanation as to why I feel this way, I'm sorry but this is the best you're gonna get. I am a little surprised, but glad that this song never hit #1. But it did spend countless weeks at #2, hence why it is ranked so high on this list. But every week it was at #2, I had to hope that it would not hit #1 and I was lucky it never did. This song also spent a very long time in the upper half of the countdown and it's still in the Top 30. I would've greatly appreciated if this song was not so overrated. And no, I'm not scared of the crazy Twenty One Pilots fans. I am sharing my honest opinion that this Twenty One Pilots song sucks. I don't hate them as a band. I just hate this song. So we're just gonna move on.

4. Flo Rida – My House (#1, 1 Week) [5; Great]
Now this was a very enjoyable tune all year. Now right off the bat, My House is no Right Round or Wild Ones. Those songs were fantastic. My House is mostly just fun and catchy. Will I remember this in a few years like I have with the other two? Probably not. But with the disappointment that was 2016, this song was a stand-out in my opinion. I really enjoy the chorus and I absolutely love the electric guitar that comes right after followed by the "Welcome to my house." Maybe the lyrical content isn't very strong with this song. But the production is on point. It is an undeniably catchy song. And somehow, I never got sick of it. I know it sounds crazy considering I get sick of maybe 90% of the big hits that appear on this countdown. But this one just never got old and it'll probably be young forever. It's just one of those songs that stuck with me this year and that is why it is one of the best songs of the year.

3. Justin Timberlake – Can't Stop The Feeling (#1, 10 Weeks) [5; Great]
To say that I'm surprised this song never got old on me would be one hell of an understatement. I'm freakin' amazed by the fact that I actually still really like this song. Right off the bat, this without a doubt is the 2016 song of the summer. No competition. It just has that summer vibe to it that makes it a great song to listen to on the way to the beach or to do some other summer activity. The production is just fantastic and the song just makes me wanna get up and dance every time I hear it. It is just a summer jam that makes you want to turn the radio up. Now I'm sure most people by this point are hella sick of this song and I would be too. But there's just something about this song very similar to My House just makes it never get old. This song obviously was very successful on Hits 1 landing at #1 spot for 10 weeks, making it the longest-running #1 song of the year. It's still on the countdown at this very moment. But I think the big question right now is: Will I ever get sick of this song? And the answer is: Probably not. Can't Stop The Feeling made #16 on my Top 45 of 2016. It is just a fantastic song and now that I'm not hearing it that much, there really isn't a reason to get tired of it at this point. Overall, Can't Stop The Feeling is the official song of the summer for 2016.

2. DNCE – Cake By The Ocean (#1, 4 Weeks) [5; Great]
If I'm being honest, this song was ranked much higher than I thought it would've been. But I'm not complaining. It made #30 on my Top 45 of 2016, so I do really like this song. Obviously it's no My House or Can't Stop The Feeling as I did indeed get tired of this song at some point. But looking back on this song, it really was a whole lot of fun. The lyrical content may be dumb as hell as they've turned something so random like eating cake by the ocean into a metaphor for sex. But the production is on point. Joe Jonas sounds great on vocals. I remember when this song was still brand new and it was trending on the YouTube15. I really didn't care for it then. But soon enough, it was on the countdown and did very well. It actually surprised me how well this song did spending 4 weeks at the top spot. Nick Jonas has had four hit singles as a solo artist after the Jonas Brothers were no longer a thing. But none of them hit #1. And now here is Joe Jonas (with DNCE) and they hit #1 on the first shot. So that's impressive. But overall, while I did get very sick of this song, I am enjoying it once again.

1. Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out (#1, 5 Weeks) [2; Mediocre]
Okay. Right off the bat, no, I do not hate this song. It's not a bad song despite me having it in red for the past several months. It was just really overrated. But let's go back to where it all started. This song came around after Tear In My Heart, which I got sick of pretty damn quickly. So I liked this song and wanted to see it replace Tear In My Heart. It did and sure enough, it was a #1 hit, which didn't surprise me too much. But it spent a very long time in the Top 10 and the Top 20, which made me get sick of it pretty quickly. But let me just say this now. The songwriting is fantastic. Even though I'm really sick of this song, I still love the writing. I'm only sick of hearing it. Twenty One Pilots have always been known to be really good writers. The write from the heart and I think they're a good role model for other artists. So the main reason I was annoyed with this song for a long time was because it was ridiculously overplayed. But that's the only issue I have. Hopefully soon, I can grow back into this song and I'll enjoy it again. But for now, I consider it to be mediocre. It's certainly not bad, but I haven't fully grown back into it yet.

And those were my reviews for Hits 1's Top 45 of 2016. Now what I'm going to do is rank the entire countdown based off the six different ranks and do a Top 45 Review. Very similarly to the way I do Top 20 Reviews on weekly countdown posts, for the year-end post, it will be the entire Top 45. So let's get right into it, shall we?

Top 45 Review
– Crap:
45. Meghan Trainor – No
44. Calvin Harris/Rihanna – This Is What You Came For
43. Selena Gomez – Hands To Myself
42. Charlie Puth – One Call Away
41. X Ambassadors – Unsteady
40. Selena Gomez – Same Old Love
39. Twenty One Pilots – Ride
38. 5 Seconds of Summer – Girls Talk Boys

1 – Bad:
37. Adele – Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
36. Fifth Harmony – Work From Home
35. Sia/Sean Paul – Cheap Thrills
34. Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman
33. Daya – Sit Still, Look Pretty

2 – Mediocre:
32. Zayn Malik – Pillowtalk
31. The Weeknd – In The Night
30. Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out
29. The Chainsmokers/Daya – Don't Let Me Down

3 – Decent:
28. One Direction – Drag Me Down
27. Shawn Mendes – Treat You Better
26. Ariana Grande – Into You
25. Panic! At The Disco – Victorious

4 – Good:
24. One Direction – History
23. Shawn Mendes – Stitches
22. Twenty One Pilots – Heathens
21. Demi Lovato – Confident

5 – Great:
20. Shawn Mendes/Camila Cabello – I Know What You Did Last Summer
19. One Direction – Perfect
18. DNCE – Cake By The Ocean
17. Troye Sivan – Youth
16. Taylor Swift – New Romantics
15. The Chainsmokers/Halsey – Closer
14. Flo Rida – My House
13. Justin Timberlake – Can't Stop The Feeling
12. Taylor Swift – Out Of The Woods
11. Rachel Platten – Stand By You
10. The Chainsmokers/Rozes – Roses
9. James Bay – Let It Go
8. Lukas Graham – 7 Years
7. Fall Out Boy/Demi Lovato – Irresistible
6. Adele – Hello
5. Justin Bieber – Love Yourself
4. P!nk – Just Like Fire
3. Justin Bieber – Sorry
2. Mike Posner/SeeB – I Took A Pill In Ibiza
1. Coldplay/Beyoncé – Hymn For The Weekend

Total Score: 141/225 (62.7/100) = 62.7% (D–)

So that is all I have for you guys! Doing it this way was definitely a lot more time consuming as you could probably from how late this is. But I enjoyed doing it and in the end, that's what matters. It's always good to enjoy doing what you do and I very much enjoyed this. 2016 was not the best year of music as I've said several times. Overall, the Weekend Countdown this past year gets a 62.7%, which isn't awful but it's certainly nowhere near good. Let's hope that 2017 will be better. As far as future posts go, my countdown post for this weekend should be out tomorrow or Sunday, I'm starting the Hit 45 Chart right now, and my review for Billboard's Year-End Hot 100 should be out sometime next week. I won't make it as big and long of a process as I did with this review. But with that, that is all I have for you guys today! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! :)


  1. Exits:
    Setting The World On Fire
    Good Grief

  2. 31. In the Name of Love (Biggest Drop)

    Keep in mind that this was in the top 10 last week.

    1. Though the biggest jumps and drops are now higher this year than they did last year. That's good.

    2. Ahhhhhhhhhh no :( Please don't let this song be a total flop!

  3. That took me an hour to read. Still great, like always!

  4. Excellent post, Adrian! :)

    I haven't really read the whole thing yet, but you've did really good yet again. You've actually put more heart into writing all of this (Your Tops 45 and Hits 1's) than you did the previous years. Your posts have been getting better and better each week. And yes, here's to hoping 2017 will be a better year for music.

  5. 18. After the Afterparty

    There's gonna be a MASSIVE uproar (by me, Scott, and Adrian) about this big jump.

    1. ...

      I hardly heard this song at all this week. What gives?!

    2. I've heard it quite a bit this week, so I expected it to jump, which is unfortunate because I do not like that song. But that new peak only makes me dislike that song even more now.

  6. Rate these songs: (Because I feel like it and I'm bored)

    Needed Me- Rihanna (8.5/10)
    Army- Ellie Goulding (10/10)
    Feelings- Maroon 5 (8/10)
    Piece By Piece- Kelly Clarkson (10/10)
    Emperor's New Clothes (10/10)
    Cool Girl- Tove Lo (8.5/10)
    HeavyDirtySoul- Twenty One Pilots (8/10)
    False Alarm- The Weeknd (9/10)

    1. Needed Me (8/10)
      Army (don't remember)
      Feelings (10/10)
      Piece By Piece (10/10)
      Emperor's New Clothes (9.5/10)
      Cool Girl (8.5/10)
      Heavydirtysoul (9/10)
      False Alarm (10/10)

    2. Needed Me (7/10)
      Army (10/10)
      Feelings (7/10)
      Piece By Piece (10/10)
      Emperor's New Clothes (9.5/10)
      Cool Girl (8.5/10)
      HeavyDirtySoul (8.5/10)
      False Alarm (8.5/10)

    3. 3 of those songs are spoilers for later this month.

    4. Needed Me (2.5/10)
      Army (8/10)
      Feelings (9/10)
      Piece By Piece (6.5/10)
      Emperor's New Clothes (2/10)
      Cool Girl (9.5/10)
      HeavyDirtySoul (2.5/10)
      False Alarm (9/10

  7. #40Friday is out!

    1. * (changed the link because I forgot the year)

  8. Top 10 entrants:
    Treat You Better (re-entry)
    The Greatest (re-entry)
    Starboy (re-entry)

    1. Treat You Better: Here we go again... -_-

      The Greatest: Sure, I'll take that one.

      Starboy: Unsurprisingly.

    2. 10. Starboy
      9. Treat You Better
      8. The Greatest

      Just so you know where these songs were.

    3. Treat You Better needs to leave the top 10, but the other 2 stay.

    4. I thought you liked Treat You Better.

    5. Yes, Treat You Better needs to start moving down soon. Swap places with Mercy and I'll be really happy.

    6. Darn to Side To Side as I really like that one. What are the top 5 entrants?

    7. Oh sorry, Scars to Your Beautiful is a top 5 entrant.

    8. I really hope that Starving doesn't leave the top 5. If it didn't, what song did?

    9. And Scars To Your Beautiful needs to leave the top 5.

  9. Here's the whole Hit-Bound List just in case anyone needs it:

    Rihanna - Love On the Brain
    Little Mix - Shout Out To My Ex
    Hey Violet - Guys My Age
    The Weeknd/Daft Punk - I Feel It Coming
    Julia Michaels - Issues
    Chainsmokers - Paris
    Twenty One Pilots - HeavyDirtySoul
    Bruno Mars - Versace On The Floor
    Captain Cuts - Love Like We Used To
    Daya - Words
    Calum Scott - Dancing On My Own
    Maty Noyes - In My Mind
    Dua Lipa - Blow Your Mind (Mwah)
    MAX/Gnash - Lights Down Low

    Hit-Bound exit:
    Gavin DeGraw - She Sets The City On Fire

    1. Thanks. I saw it on DSR before though.

    2. So Castle On The Hill didn't debut, good.

    3. Versace on the Floor must leave HitBound and not debut the countdown. That's What I Like needs to debut HitBound.

  10. Wow, did Handclap only jump 2 spots? I'm glad.

    1. By any chance, did any of the debuts drop this week?

    2. I mean any of the debut last week. Did any Drop this week?

    3. No, all of them jumped this week.

    4. How many top 20 entrants do we have this week?

    5. 4. Mercy, Love Me Now, After the Afterparty*, and I Don't Wanna Live Forever*. * means it is a re-entry.

  11. Replies
    1. After the Afterparty. And before you ask, no I'm not happy about this (neither is Scott or Adrian)

  12. 5. This Town

    I kinda thought that would be our #1 song this week because I heard it more than Don't Wanna Know. Not today.

  13. Wait a second, what is the top 10 so far?

    1. I really don't know. DSR is an hour behind.

    2. Montavis, I got mixed up with the top 10.

    3. DSR needs to fix this. Last year, a few weeks had the number of spins combined with last week.

    4. Guys, I'm serious. Someone help me. I'm missing one song in the top 10.


    6. HELP ME RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

    7. What if they get fired for doing that?

  14. Don't worry WAMB10, Starving is in the Top 3, somewhere. If it hits #1, I'll be happy (but Scott won't). If not, I hope Heathens is #1.

    1. I can say right now that Starving I probably won't have in orange, even if it hits #1.

  15. Don't Wanna Know at #1 for the second week in a row.

  16. Replies
    1. I'll post it on my blog, and I'll only have 44 songs if I don't get told where Scars to Your Beautiful is.

    2. But I had the countdown on mute.

    3. I really think that Hits 1 forgot that STYB was still on the countdown.

    4. I'm guessing where STYB is. It's at #8.

    5. STYB is at #7 which means that there's no top 5 entrants.

  17. I really want to run my Sirius XM Hits 1 app, but they thought that the radio ID on my dad's car was invalid.

  18. I would like to have a 7 exit week soon but not until we clean out HitBound's bad music.


  19. Exits: Bastille-Good grief(33)
    Kenny Chesney/P!nk-Setting the world on fire(45)

    45: Andy Grammer-Fresh eyes(43)
    44: Pitbull/Flo Rida/Lunchmoney Lewis-Greenlight(44)
    43: DNCE-Body moves(41)
    42: Fifth Harmony-That's my girl(27)(-15)
    41: Gnash/Olivia O'Brien-I hate u, i love u(37)
    40: Sia/Sean paul-Cheap thrills(40)
    39: Adele-Send my love(To your new lover(1 week at #1)
    38: The Chainsmokers/Daya-Don't let me down(32)(3 weeks at #1)
    37: Fitz & The Tantrums-HandClap(39)(Yay only up 2!)
    36: Major Lazer/Justin Bieber/MO-Cold water(38)
    35: Twenty One Pilots-Ride(30)
    34: Machine Gun Kelly/Camila Cabello-Bad things(DEBUT)
    33: Justin Timberlake-Can't stop the feeling!(36)(10 weeks at #1)
    32: Ed Sheeran-Shape of you(DEBUT)
    31: Martin Garrix/BeBe Rexha-In the name of love(8)(-23)

    Notable Drops: Fifth Harmony-That's my girl -15, and Martin Garrix/Bebe Rexha-In the name of love -23.

    1. DEBUTS: 34: Bad things
      32: Shape of you(i'm surprised it debuted this low)

      That's the debuts, and the only ones for the whole countdown.

    2. 30: Lukas Graham-You're not there(35)
      29: Daya-Sit still, look pretty(42)(+13)(oh no, i wonder who's gonna rant about this, because i would)
      28: Steve Aoki/Louis Tomlinson-Just hold on(29)
      27: Coldplay/SeeB/Beyonce-Hymn for the weekend(28)
      26: DJ Snake/Justin Bieber-Let me love you(25)
      25: OneRepublic-Kids(19)(NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!)(-6)
      24: Ariana Grande-Into you(20)
      23: Train-Play that song(24)
      22: RUNAGROUND-Chase you down(18)
      21: Shawn Mendes-Mercy(21)
      20: John Legend-Love me now(22)
      19: Charli XCX-After the afterparty(34)(+15)
      18: X Ambassadors-Unsteady(17)
      17: ZAYN/Taylor Swift-I don't wanna live forever(23)
      16: Lady Gaga-Million reasons(15)

    3. Notable Jumps: Daya-Sit still, look pretty +15, Charli XCX-After the afterparty +15.

    4. That's My Girl isn't the biggest drop, but ITNOL is.

    5. Let's get Shape of You into the Top 10, not Bad Things.

    6. 15: Jon Bellion-All time low(16)
      14: Panic! At the disco-Death of a bachelor(9)
      13: Ariana Grande/Nicki Minaj-Side to side(10)
      12: Adele-Water under the bridge(13)
      11: The Weeknd/Daft Punk-Starboy(14)
      10: Shawn Mendes-Treat you better(11)(2 weeks at #1)
      09: Sia/Kendrick Lamar-The Greatest(12)
      08: Alessia Cara-Scars to your beautiful(7)
      07: Bruno Mars-24K magic(6)
      06: Niall Horan-This town(2)
      05: The Chainsmokers/Halsey-Closer(4)(8 weeks at #1)

    7. I want both in the top 10!

    8. Say You Won't Let Go is #28 and everything else is moved up a spot.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. ., thank you, for some reason DSR didn't list it so SYWLG would -2, i knew it was somewhere though.

    11. 03: Twenty one pilots-Heathens(3)(1 week at #1)
      02: Hailee Steinfeld/Grey/Zedd-Starving(4)(3 weeks at #1)
      01: Maroon 5-Don't wanna know(1)(2 weeks at #1)

  20. I just heard the Emergency Alert System test on Hits 1!

    1. There's an emergency in the top 10 right now because if sucks.

    2. Woah,woah calm down! It's only for a reason!

  21. Since I'm just reading this post I'll comment my thoughts on everything on the post and comment section here.

    Nice post! No in orange was surprising as I expected Ride or TIWYCF to be in that color. I thought that Drag Me Down would at least be in blue but I guess I was wrong. I also thought Into You would at least be in blue, but I guess your going more so off your current opinions. I consider the lower 60's to be good and the 50's to not be bad, but I'm going more so as an average from 0 to 100 even if it isn't a perfect match.

    As for the thing, Miles mentioned (overall opinion)
    Needed Me (9.5/10)
    Army (10/10)
    Feelings (9/10)
    Piece By Piece (10/10)
    Emperor's New Clothes (9.5/10)
    Cool Girl (3/10)
    Heavydirtysoul (I seriously don't have an opinion and this might go down as one of the first songs in forever that I've heard to be in dark green)
    False Alarm (8.5/10)

    We're down to one damn good song in the top 10 and it's only good. I'm like so done with Hits 1. I'll take the #1 once again though. But with the biggest drop, what the heck!! And am I the only one who doesn't mind the SS,LP jump?

    As for my posts, the Billboard may not be out till tonight. And the WC tomorrow. And be sure to check out my top 45 songs of the year if you haven't. Most people were surprised about the #1.

    1. I wasn't surprised, I just thought it was based on Hits 1.

  22. The countdown post is out!

  23. Replies
    1. It's 62.6666666666666666....%. So I just rounded it up to 62.7%.

    2. You have to multiply it by 100 after you divide by 100 and 6 rounds up to 7.

    3. Oh, I'm not all that good at math.

    4. 141/225 = 0.6266666...
      0.6266666... * 100 = 62.66666...
      62.66666... rounded to the nearest tenth = 62.7

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Okay I regret saying that now.

    2. I don't think it would be nice to say it. It's not about you though.

  25. WC post is out!

  26. Replies
    1. AMERICAN TOP 40 - JANUARY 14, 2017
      LW TW WKS Artist - Title
      39 40 (40) The Chainsmokers featuring Daya - Don't Let Me Down (1)
      DE 39 (01) Flume featuring Tove Lo - Say It (39)
      37 38 (31) Adele - Send My Love (To Your New Lover) (1)

      DE 37 (01) Britney Spears featuring Tinashe - Slumber Party (37)
      33 36 (37) Drake featuring Wizkid and Kyla - One Dance (1)
      Extra: Fall Out Boy - Sugar We're Going Down
      DE 35 (01) Drake - Fake Love (35)
      31 34 (25) twenty | one | pilots - Ride (1)

      38 33 (02) Lukas Graham - You're Not There (33)
      Extra: Zay Hilfigerr & Zayion McCall - JuJu On That Beat
      29 32 (35) Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna - This Is What You Came For (2)
      34 31 (02) Hey Violet - Guys My Age (31)
      Breakout: Amine - Caroline
      Optional Extra: Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar - Bad Blood
      25 30 (28) Kiiara - Gold (5)
      DE 29 (01) Bebe Rexha - I Got You (29)
      20 28 (29) Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better (2)
      Breakout: DJ Khaled featuring Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih, Future & Rick Ross - Do You Mind

      DE 27 (01) Lady Gaga - Million Reasons (27)
      23 26 (37) Sia featuring Sean Paul - Cheap Thrills (1)
      27 25 (06) Dua Lipa - Blow Your Mind (Mwah) (25)
      09 24 (21) gnash featuring Olivia O'Brien - I Hate U, I Love U (5)

      26 23 (09) John Legend - Love Me Now (26)
      Extra: Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams - Get Lucky
      19 22 (23) Major Lazer featuring Justin Bieber & MO - Cold Water (1)
      24 21 (05) Adele - Water Under The Bridge (21)
      Optional Extra: Hailee Steinfeld - Love Myself
      10 20 (19) X Ambassadors - Unsteady (10)
      16 19 (13) Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha - In The Name Of Love (15)
      28 18 (02) The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk - I Feel It Coming (18)
      SUBWAY Fresh Buzz Song: Daya - Words

      18 17 (08) Shawn Mendes - Mercy (17)
      21 16 (05) Rae Sremmurd featuring Gucci Mane - Black Beatles (16)
      Extra: Lil' Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons, Logic, TY Dolla $ign & X Ambassadors - Sucker For Pain
      14 15 (14) Jon Bellion - All Time Low (13)
      40 14 (02) Zayn & Taylor Swift - I Don't Wanna Live Forever (14)

      15 13 (12) Niall Horan - This Town (13)
      11 12 (19) twenty | one | pilots - Heathens (2)
      12 11 (14) Sia featuring Kendrick Lamar - The Greatest (11)
      Optional Extra: R. City featuring Adam Levine - Locked Away (Love Me The Same)
      17 10 (08) Rihanna - Love On The Brain (10)
      13 09 (07) Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello - Bad Things (9)
      07 08 (12) Bruno Mars - 24k Magic (5)

      04 07 (19) DJ Snake featuring Justin Bieber - Let Me Love You (1)
      08 06 (21) Hailee Steinfeld with Grey featuring Zedd - Starving (Until I Tasted You) (6)
      Breakout: Clean Bandit featuring Sean Paul & Anne-Marie - Rockabye

      03 05 (14) The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk - Starboy (3)
      Extra: D.R.A.M. featuring Lil' Yachty - Broccoli
      02 04 (21) The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey - Closer (1)
      05 03 (11) Maroon 5 featuring Kendrick Lamar - Don't Wanna Know (3)
      Optional Extra: Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass
      06 02 (17) Alessia Cara - Scars To Your Beautiful (2)
      01 01 (13) Ariana Grande featuring Nicki Minaj - Side To Side **2 weeks at #1**

      OneRepublic - Kids (from #36, 1 week on)
      Daya - Sit Still, Look Pretty (from #35, 32 weeks on)
      Zara Larsson - Ain't My Fault (from #32, 7 weeks on)
      Pitbull featuring Flo Rida & LunchMoney Lewis - Greenlight (from #30, 12 weeks on)
      Fifth Harmony - That's My Girl (from #22, 10 weeks on)

    2. Debuts: 39. Say It, 37. Slumber Party, 35. Fake Love, 29. I Got You, 27. Million Reasons

      Exits: That's My Girl (#22), Greenlight (#30), Ain't My Fault (#32), Sit Still Look Pretty (#35), Kids (#36). Kids was a one-week wonder.

      Biggest drop is I Hate U, I Love U, down 15 to #24.
      Biggest jump is I Don't Wanna Live Forever, up 26 (TWENTY-SIX!!!) to #14.

      Don't Wanna Know and Scars to Your Beautiful enter the top 3, both being under the top 4 last week. Side to Side holds at #1 for a 2nd week.

      Extra: Fall Out Boy - Sugar We're Going Down (NEVER HEARD)
      Extra: Zay Hilfigerr & Zayion McCall - JuJu On That Beat (GREEN)
      Breakout: Amine - Caroline (NEVER HEARD)
      Optional Extra: Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar - Bad Blood (PURPLE)
      Breakout: DJ Khaled featuring Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih, Future & Rick Ross - Do You Mind (NEVER HEARD)
      Extra: Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams - Get Lucky (GREEN)
      Optional Extra: This Week's AT40 Guest Host - Love Myself (GREEN)
      SUBWAY Fresh Buzz Song: Daya - Words (GREEN)
      Extra: Lil' Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons, Logic, TY Dolla $ign & X Ambassadors - Sucker For Pain (BLUE)
      Optional Extra: R. City featuring Adam Levine - Locked Away (GREEN)
      Breakout: Clean Bandit featuring Sean Paul & Anne-Marie - Rockabye (GREEN)
      Extra: D.R.A.M. featuring Lil' Yachty - Broccoli (BLUE)
      Optional Extra: Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass (GREEN)

  27. I really don't want a 7 exit week next week but in a few weeks later, I do when they clean out all the HitBound songs. Maybe there'll be 7 exits in March 4th.

  28. The Hot 45 Chart is out with a new format!!!!!!!!!!



    My half-assed top 10 best of 2016 has finally been released.


    New Mi fav 20 out!

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